About Company

“Top of Taste” is a progressive company, which is oriented to the professional service, prompt delivery, immediate response to our partners’ demand and needs. Our company can offer to its partners special recipes, great range of spices, sauces, ingredients, all that is required for exclusive and specific dishes. We are always ready to provide products that completely match with the status of your establishment.

Our company is founded in Yekaterinburg in 2002. Now it is an official representative of famous trademarks such as Knorr, Hellmans, Cremette, Kraft, Rougie, DGF, Ardo, Elle&Vire, Horizont, Delhus, Sheremetyev, De Checco. Our clients are all the most prestigious restaurants of Yekaterinburg and the Ural-Siberian Region. Owing to our company and it is not a boasting, people have got an opportunity to taste luxury dishes of the French, Italian and Japan cuisines. You can degust them not only in the restaurants, but you can find them in retail chains of such Yekaterinburg stores as “Zvezdnyi”, “Cupetz”, and “Park-House”. Being a guide in the world of new food trends the company provides products for masterclasses and seminars, conducted for the purpose to improve food culture.


The company was established in 2002. It started as a supplier of a specific stock for the European cuisine to restaurants and cafés in Yekaterinburg. We opened the sub-offices in Tyumen (2003) and Chelyabisk (2005). The company realized the importance of correctly made up logistics and in 2005 it began building up its own delivery fleet. All vehicles meet requirements of safety, economical operation, sanitation, and they are equipped with refrigerators. Now the fleet includes 20 cars. In 2007 a warehouse was built in accordance with a special project. The complex was constructed and automized for keeping and processing the great abundance of various products. Since 2007 the company has been the lead in the HoReCa segment in the Ural Federal District. The crisis of 2008 served one more motive for developing. The company has decided to cooperate with direct foreign suppliers.

Tasks and goals

The task of our company is to improve food culture. We offer unique products from the whole world.
Our values:

  • Promptness in satisfying the clients’ needs
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Cordial partnership relations
  • Constant self-development

Our principal goal is to be a leading supplier in the Ural Federal District. We want to cooperate with restaurants and cafés of the whole region. In order to achieve this goal we use all chances, including the development of our logistic service, partnership with foreign companies, and improvement of product quality management.


Company “Top of taste” has its own logistic center, the task of which is in planning and organizing product delivery from suppliers to customers without wasting time and money. The professional team and the fleet of special vehicles successfully cope with this challenge. Owing to the team work and professionalism our company can support the required stock of goods in the warehouse. We introduce the new methods for storage and can control the storage terms. We guarantee prompt order processing (assembling, loading and delivering).