The company-owned service and distribution fleet can deliver the products to any locality in the Ural Federal District and the Perm and Kurgan regions. All cars are equipped with refrigerators which maintain optimal temperature conditions to keep the highest quality of our products.

Delivery terms

An order is delivered free of charge if its cost is not less than:

  • 2500 rubles for Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk
  • 3000 rubles for Perm, Kurgan, and Tyumen
  • 5000 rubles for the Northern Region

Delivery time

The truck fleet allows to deliver your order in the shortest time possible.
Time of order delivery:

  • 1 day for Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk;
  • 2 days for Tyumen;
  • 1-5 days for Perm and Kurgan;
  • 3-7 days for the Northern Region.


If the sum of your order exceeds the required minimum, your delivery is conducted free of charged..

If the sum of your order is less than the required minimum, you should pay 100 rubles for your delivery, but you can refuse from our delivery services and take your order directly from our warehouse.